Reflected Fire

Burning, a lone candle
braves the breeze
along the quiet shore.
A wick of worries, his
questions flicker–so
convinced, so unsure.

Calm, the lake awaits
like a  lover combing
her hair in the mirror.
Come closer friend,
she coaxes the candle,
then you’ll see clearer.

She knows him well,
the best infact, and
and sees the wonder
of the candle at his best.
I want so much more
he admits only under

his breath. Look, she calls.
In her reflection he fully
expects a burned-out
fool, but no, a lighthouse
crowned with blazing fire
guides all round about.

I knew it, he shouts
and in awe, the candle
hovers over the shore.
Her smile reflects the light
but not the warmth, still
he loves her all the more.

But, why does this affection
wax cold? A drop, like a tear,
falls. But she loves me too,
would this flame really die
and dreams end? He knows
now what he must do.



2 thoughts on “Reflected Fire

  1. The candle is plagued by self doubts and goes to his friend, the lake, to talk about his future.
    The lake is the only one that sees what he can really become.

    The candle loves the lake, and wants to be with her forever, but he knows that if he does so, that a part of him, the flame, will die.

    He must decide whether to leave his best friend to go and accomplish his dreams, or he will throw his lot in with the lake, and extinguish his flame.

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