Those Sunless Mountains

How cold they look,
those sunless mountains:
ancient, grey, and weary.
Birds have abandoned us
but no ice will suffice
my retreat. I am here,
here with sunless mountains–

I shall never leave,
even when the snow
flurries and blurries their
craggy faces like porcelain
masks. I will crack the masks
with an avalanche

In the valley, rivers root
in my mountains deep
and come spring streams’ll sing,
like living water bursting from
a stone.

I will cup my hands
and bow my head
down to mother earth.
Lifting my Eban-ezer,
so sweet, but still I
moan down in my

The morning breaks
over my sunlit mountains

Velas Vazias

Como a minha vida era

um escritório, sem saída.

Tantos papeis e cada um me dera

tarefa, mas nunca colorida.

Como a minha vida era trancado

naquele escritório de mim.

Monte de artigo e recibo de todo lado;

Deveres sem prazer e deveres sem fim.

Quando voce abriu a porta trancada,

eu estava pronto com o fósforo já acendido

acabar todo os papeis num fogo colorido.

Mas voce mudou a chama para sua vela vazia

e achamos tantos tesouros pela luz constante

que brilha graças a voce, a minha ajudante.

I just watched “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”
the realization of the frailty of life made me revisit this piece.

pick your poison

“The world passeth away, and the lust thereof.” (1 John 2:17)

“This will shred you,” Cody told me as he handed over the corded saw. I nodded and felt the bulky, green saw sink in my apprentice hands. I had never seen a grinder before. It was a handheld saw with silver-colored steel wires woven together to buff off rust from metal poles. The thick circular blade reminded me of the ends of metal ropes woven together. I thought to myself, Just one more saw. That summer I was getting to know lots of different saws: chop saws for quick cuts and saws’alls with straight blades that moved back and forth like a mini-version of those lumberjacks. This grinder was handheld like the saws’all but the grinder had a circular blade; and instead of a thin millimeter-wide blade, the grinder’s blade was half an inch thick.

“Respect this or it…

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